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Tailored Therapy Programmes:
It's the menopause!


A programme of sessions to help you navigate the menopause with more serenity.

Since each woman's experience of the menopause is different, each programme is tailored around your specific needs. Typical sessions include:

  • Using hypnosis to manage the physical and mental symptoms such as: mood swings, hot flushes, poor sleep, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, etc...

  • Putting your experience into words. Understanding what you are experiencing, feeling, thinking and doing.

  • Identifying and strengthening the resources within yourself that help you feel better.

  • Using regression techniques to gain insight into your life's journey and what this turning point means for you.

  • Reassessing relationships past, present and future.

  • Coming to terms with changes in your body and changes in your libido and sexuality.

  • Using future life progression to start to think about how you can use this new chapter in your life to thrive.

Sessions can be in person or by zoom.

One session every 2-3 weeks. Five sessions in total.

This programme can also be done as a one day retreat.

Package price of 555.- for the five sessions.

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