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Tailored Therapy Programmes:
Rest and Reset

Sleeping Kitten

​I used to think that relaxation was 'just' relaxation, much in the way I hear people saying they are 'just' friends. How easily we belittle what is truly good for us! 

​Just as real friendship is vital for our well-being, so deep relaxation is vital for our mental and physical health. The more stressed or anxious you are, the more demanding your life may be, the more stretched for time you are, the more relaxation becomes vital to maintaining good health.​

But relaxation alone is not enough. That is why I have devised a powerful programme to reset the body and mind.

Rest and Reset!

A comprehensive programme to reset your body and mind and start to heal physical and emotional pain.

Do you hear yourself saying I’m so tired all the time? Do you feel exhausted and groggy when you wake up? Are you more and more forgetful, find it hard to concentrate and keep making easy mistakes? Do you sleep badly or poorly? Are your energy levels a shadow of what they once were?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this programme could be for you.

It’s about sleep. It’s about rest in all it forms. It’s about creating moments of deep relaxation. It is like pressing a reset button on your mental and physical well-being.

If poor sleep is your main concern, we can devote this programme entirely to getting your sleep up to standard. However, I strongly believe that a more holistic approach is needed, and the key word here is rest.

Rest is vital to our health. It is how we recharge our batteries and keep healthy. More importantly, the vast majority of the population do not get adequate rest and are consequently exhausted, irritable and making themselves ill.


Partly this is because the modern world is always on, overly sensory, anxiogenic and insecure. It is also because most of us don’t know how to rest.


In order to understand this more fully, think of how you use energy.

Using the battery analogy, imagine that you have different batteries that correspond in some way to your chakras or energy centres. Even if the terms chakra is meaningless for you, this analogy is still helpful. The idea is that everything you do draws energy from different parts of you.


Rest is how you recharge. Different kinds of rest recharge different batteries in your energy body.


So for example, sport will fill up your mental battery even though it is using up your physical battery.

Meditation or prayer will fill up your spiritual battery (crown chakra).

Putting words down on your feelings will refill your emotional battery (heart chakra).

Listening to inspiring music or admiring the beauty of breath-taking scenery will replenish your creative battery (sacral chakra).

If you don’t adequately recharge those batteries you end up being rest-deprived.


But what about sleep?

I am a great believer in the power of sleep.

I am also someone who has been blessed with the ability to sleep well.

And then I experienced poor sleep for the first time.

It was debilitating!

What I didn’t understand was that my poor sleep was linked to poor rest.


Please note that poor sleep and insomnia are not the same thing. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It is a clinical condition and needs to be treated as such.


If you are rest deprived, sleep alone will not fix it.

Moreover, if you are rest deprived, you are also unlikely to sleep well. Think of how overusing your mental energy keeps that wheel of thoughts spinning at night and keeps you from sleeping, or how the sensory overstimulation of too many screens will also have your mental screen spinning as you try to fall asleep. Or how being emotionally exhausted will have you going over conversations you’ve had or should have had over and over again in your mind.


And so on…


To remedy this, I have devised a tailored therapy programme.


The objective is to help you sleep better, feel less anxious, have more energy and be more emotionally balanced. It is a comprehensive physical and mental reset that will make a significant difference to your health and well-being.


How does it work?


1. We spend time identifying the kinds of rest you are lacking and the steps you can take to make effective changes in your day to day life.

2. We put in place those changes using hypnosis.

3. We work on the specific types of rest that you need.

4. We kickstart a process of emotional and physical healing.

5. We get your body to experience regular deep relaxation so that it can reset.

Sessions include:

  • Hypnotherapy to help you express your feelings and emotions

  • Regression to identify and release limiting beliefs

  • Visualisations to teach you to take your mind to beauty spots in nature

  • Guided meditations and breathing exercises

  • Energy healing to release emotional pain and lessen physical pain

  • Suggestions to help you sleep better

  • Exercises to help you set stronger boundaries

  • Sensory therapy using sound bowls and essential oils

  • Chakra clearing, cleansing and balancing

  • Sensory anchors to calm your mind

  • Deep hypnosis to fully relax your body and mind and press a ‘mental reset button’


The programme is in two modules of five sessions each. The first is to address the issues that are making you rest deprived. The second is a series of deep relaxation sessions using hypnosis to create a rest reset. Price for the full programme is 750.-

To find out more, let’s talk. Please book a free short video consultation. All you have to do is send me an email or a whatsapp message and we’ll fix a time!

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