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Forest Path

My Path

My name is Imane. It means faith in Arabic and I have faith that each one of us has the tools within them to find happiness and fulfilment. Sometimes however, it is hard to do this alone. My role as a therapist is to give guidance and support on your path to self-fulfilment. I also help more directly when needed by using energy healing.

I have a PhD in Psychology from the University of London, a certificate in Counselling Skills from the RSA and a diploma in Regression Therapy, as well as a Certificate in Hypnosis and a Certificate in Spiritual LBL, from the Regression Academy.  

English is my first language and I am also fluent in French. I am British, living Switzerland. I have an international mindset and have experience and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, and I would say of difference, quite simply. I like the road less travelled and I apreciate people whose stories aren't necessarily the most straight forward. I like to say that what is not ordinary about you makes you extraordinary! 

​I came to hypnosis and regression therapy after reading a book: Journey and Souls by Michael Newton. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Past lives were something I had never considered, life between lives even less so, but somehow it made sense. I started meditating and soon discovered spirit guides, elders, channelling and yet another world of possibilities! The spiritual dimension added a layer to the therapeutic process and made everything click together. It brought sense to my narrative, and  to my mind, reclaiming the narrative is a big part of what therapy does. Though very spiritual, my approach to sessions remains very analytical and word based. Both hypnotherapy and regression therapy are talking therapies.

​Talking therapies fall under the umbrella of energy work. What does that mean? To me, it means that we are working with thought energy. Thought energy structures who we are and how we experience our being. Emotion is energy attached to a thought: the same thought may make you happy or sad for instance. Words are how we structure our thoughts. Action follows thought. Putting words on thoughts, on feelings, on experience, turns them into matter, into something we can fathom and fashion.

​Letting go, understanding, making sense, healing, changing, accepting, moving forwards, learning, loving, living, just being... All of these and more are what makes sessions so worthwhile.

​Sessions take place in person at my practice in Tramelan, Switzerland or at home, by video-call. Hypnotherapy sessions are usually done sitting face to face and last 45 minutes to an hour. Regression sessions are done lying down and last two to three hours.​

Sessions are priced at 140 CHF per hour but you can also pay in other currencies. Please note that I keep some sessions available every week at a reduced rate for those who cannot afford the full fee - for whatever reason.​

It is good to have a chat or at least exchange an email before booking a session. I will happily organise a short video-call with you to discuss your needs if you so wish.

Please give me a call, or send me an email, and we will take it from there.

​Listen to your heart, it knows the truth.


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