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Hello and Welcome

My name is Imane and it will be my pleasure to guide you on a healing journey.

If you’ve landed on this page, it is for a reason.

Maybe it's because you are looking for a solution to an issue that is making things difficult for you.

Or maybe it is a desire to take yourself to a better place physically, mentally and spiritually.

Or maybe you are curious about past lives or have a desire to explore your soul's journey.

Or it could be something altogether different, even a fluke or a mistype!

Whatever has brought you here, welcome!

Scroll down to find out more about who I am, what I practice and the areas I focus on. And as you read on, breathe! Take your time, it is for you to decide whether I am the right person to help you.

My practice includes:


The first thing you should know is that you are in safe hands. I am experienced and qualified and extremely good at what I do.

Over the years - and it’s coming up to ten years now! - I have helped many people resolve different kinds of issues. It’s hard to bring them together succinctly, so here’s a non-exhaustive list (in no particular order):

  • Anxiety and phobias

  • Self-limiting beliefs

  • Migraines

  • Relationship problems and repeating patterns

  • The menopause and perimenopause

  • Stopping smoking

  • Money, financial dependence/independence, fear of poverty, insecurity

  • Negative body image and issues around weight

  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem

  • Public speaking

  • Childhood traumas

  • Physical pain

  • Spiritual awakening and questions around soul identity

  • Past lives, soul mates, karmic links

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing

  • Emotional blockages and pervasive sadness, anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, helplessness, hopelessness, etc…

  • Stress and burn-out

  • Insomnia, tiredness, lack of energy

  • Being stuck, lost or blocked

  • Inability to trust or to make commitments

  • Help getting pregnant

  • Grief, loss and abandonment

Though I have presented issues here as a list, in reality they are interconnected and it is working through these connections that enables breakthroughs.


Second, my approach is analytical, holistic and client-centered.

  • Analytical: I put a great deal of emphasis on words and on reaching a place of understanding. Only once you can truly understand an issue can you begin to resolve it.

  • Holistic: I think everything is inter-connected. The mind and the body, the social and the personal, the rational and the spiritual, the part of you that blocks you and the part that heals you.

  • Client-centered: It is YOUR session and you set your goals and objectives. I respect your beliefs, your boundaries, your journey.


I believe strongly in the importance of the therapeutic relationship. If we decide to work together, I will invest time and energy into building a trusting, non-judgemental and safe therapeutic relationship with you. Your sessions should be your safe space to express yourself fully and authentically, without a filter.

Though you are free to book a one off session, I recommend a commitment to regular sessions. It's like painting just one wall of a home you are redecorating, it can work, but more often you need to paint the other walls too. That is why taking a holistic approach is vital. Rather than resolving an isolated symptom, going deeper and working structurally yields mighty results.

Let’s go on a journey!

A journey is a good image for what I do.

Regression therapy and Past Life Regression take you backwards in time to find the source of an issue.

That source could be in the recent past, in childhood, during birth, in the womb, in a past life or in the time between lives. Only once we start will we find out where that journey takes us.

Future life progression takes you on a journey into the future looking at different possible outcomes to the decisions you take in the here and now.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression takes you on a journey into the time before this lifetime to find out who you are as a soul and why you are here.

Relaxation and Energy Healing are wonderful sessions where you relax your body and mind as you visualise going on a journey to a place of stillness and tranquility, and all the while I work on your energy.

And last but not least, hypnotherapy takes you on a journey into the self, to find out who you are, why you behave in certain ways, why you react or feel as you do and how you can rearrange your inner world so that you may be happier, more confident, more fulfilled, more peaceful or anything else you choose to become.

I also offer three tailored therapy programmes:

1. Rest and Reset!

A programme focusing on rest and relaxation to help you sleep better, be less anxious, have more energy, be less stressed and prevent burn-out.

2. It’s the Menopause!

A programme to navigate the menopause (and the perimenopause).

3. The Life Journey

A spiritual programme of sessions to answer essential questions about who you are as a soul, where you are on your life’s journey and your connection to your soul group, in order to gain wisdom, peace and understanding.

Let’s meet!

We can meet in person at my therapy practice in Tramelan or on screen by video call. Both methods work well, though they are different. I also find that a hybrid of in-person and zoom sessions can work brilliantly.

But first, let's talk!​​​

The first step is to send me an email or a whatsapp message.

We can then fix a time for a free short video-call.

Once we’ve talked, you can go ahead and book your first session or your retreat.

Contact me

Let’s go on a retreat!

What if you don’t live locally?

I love zoom sessions but they are not for everyone. Moreover, if you want to work intensely and get results more quickly, I strongly recommend a retreat. This can be just for an afternoon, a full-day or over several days.

Here are some reasons why:

Going somewhere that is totally cut off from your day to day life starts to pull you into your self. This is time solely for you, with no distractions. Tramelan is a place where there are few distractions. You are not going to go shopping or drop into a coffee shop. You are not going to visit museums, go to an art gallery or meet up with a friend. You are not going to 'do' anything at all.

Instead you will find yourself tuning in to nature, going for walks in the woods or the mountains, being very still in front of the mirror of a pond or a lake, being quiet and tranquil. What this will allow you to do is almost magical: it will create space in your mind and slow down time. That alone will do you a world of good! But it also puts in place a phenomenal opportunity for deep self-work.

If you would like to explore the possibility of coming for a retreat, let's talk. Send me a message and we can fix a time for a free 15 minutes video call.

Let’s book a session!

You can book a single or a double session.

Single sessions work best for Hypnotherapy.

Double sessions are best for Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression.

In person sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Weekends.

Zoom sessions are much more flexible and can take place on any day of the week.

Let’s talk details!


Single session: 140.-

Double session: 280.-

Package of 5 single sessions, valid 6 months: 555.-

Package of 5 relaxation and healing sessions, valid 6 months: 300.-


Half-Day Retreat: 480.-

Full Day Retreat: 1050.- (Includes one follow up zoom session)

You can pay in Euros or Swiss Francs, the price is the same.

Payment can be in cash, by bank transfer, twint or by credit card via the stripe platform.

Your session is confirmed once you have paid for it. You may reschedule up to 48 hours before your session, or obtain a voucher if you cancel.

Too expensive?

Please know that I leave one space open every month for a new client at a reduced rate of 25% of the full price. Life is expensive and not everyone can afford to pay the full price of sessions, that is why I don’t ask questions and you do not have to justify asking for the reduced rate in any way. Just send me an email asking me to save you the next reduced price spot and I will!


I am not what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung


White Rocks


Hypnotherapy is a process. It is a talking therapy based on conversational hypnosis.

It is a place to express yourself fully and to be listened to deeply. And that in itself is tremendously powerful.

It helps you resolve issues. First, by giving you a safe space in which to explore them fully: how your feel, why you react in a certain way, what triggers certain behaviours and emotions, how specific memories inform subconscious reactions, the existence of negative thought patterns and beliefs, how these thoughts and beliefs interact, and so on...

It then uses metaphors, suggestions and visualisations to enable you to create new patterns of thinking and feeling.

You could say that you work on identifying how your inner world is built and you get the opportunity to redecorate and move the furniture around. The result is that you feel more comfortable and happier being you : ) 

Hypnotherapy is the main technique I use to help you gain understanding of your life and how you feel and  put in place changes in your day to day life. These can be specific changes for example stopping smoking, or speaking in public with more confidence, or learning to say no. Or more structural changes in how you see yourself, how confident you feel, how you approach relationships, and so on...

I also use it to remove phobias and to relieve anxiety.

Sessions are done seated or reclining on an armchair or sofa, with your eyes open for the most part. Every now and then, I will ask you to close your eyes and be guided into a visualisation or a hypnosis exercise. We will also allow time for relaxation hypnosis, and energy healing, if appropriate.


"Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person."

Thich Nhat Hanh


Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression

Journey backwards in time to feel better today.


The key to understanding the effectiveness of regression therapy and past life regression is to focus not on the past but on the present. What is it that you feel today that you no longer want to feel? What is it that is causing problems for you today that you wish to resolve?

Regression takes you back in time to the source of that issue.

By returning to the moment the problem was created, you are able to resolve it at its source.

The effect ripples down the timeline to today like the way water flows down from the source of a river to its delta.

And it works.

It works whether or not you believe in past lives. The difference is that in one case you are remembering a past life and in the other you are imagining a past life. The subconscious deals with both in the same way, since imagination and memory are intricately linked.

And it doesn’t always take you to a past life. Sometimes the source event is in childhood, or in adolescence. Quite often it is in the womb or during birth.

Only once we start the session, will we find out where in time the is taking us!

Regression sessions are longer than hypnotherapy sessions, particularly when they go to a past life, so please book a double session. Though you may see results after the first session, a minimum of three sessions are usually needed to resolve an issue. I recommend a gap of 3 weeks between sessions, but you can combine them into a day retreat if you want to work faster, or take it to a session a month if you want to let things settle between each session.

Let's talk and determine whether regression is the right therapy option for you during a short free initial video consultation. Please contact me and I will be happy to book you in.

Pebble Road

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

A Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a beautiful thing. It takes you to a place of wisdom and wonder. It clears away the debris and focuses the mind on the essence of who we are as souls and why we are here for this particular journey.


It is a spiritual journey. One that takes you back to the time before birth to when you were a soul waiting to be born in the body that is reading these words in the here and now.


Reading Journey of Souls by Michael Newton was what drew me to hypnosis all those years ago. It opened a door of wonder and I have never looked back. I am truly thrilled to be a qualified Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist and every session I guide is an honour and a privilege. These are sessions that have the potential to create a major breakthrough. They take us above the clouds to see our lives from a wider lens, they bring sense and meaning to chaos.


What does it do?


Let me share my own experience.

I had my first session as a client when I was in my early 30s. I had recently lost my parents and my life was not exactly going according to plan. I was not only in a place of suffering, but also of confusion, anger and helplessness. The session enabled me to make sense of my life and to understand why I had to go through all of that suffering. It didn’t erase the pain but it softened it, it gave me the space to start to heal.

My second session many years later (yes, you can have more than one!) was specifically about a relationship. I wanted to see it from the soul’s perspective and doing so enabled it to make sense. Another was a follow-up to the first session. A new chapter in my life was starting, I needed spiritual guidance and I got exactly what I needed. Each session was different and each was powerful in its own way, each bringing more perspective to my life and also great healing.


How does it work?


I was trained at the Regression Academy, which means that we start with a past life regression. Usually, but not always, we will go to the last life before this one.

As you remember that past life you also remember the time between that past life ending and your current life starting. You recover your soul memories of the time between lives.

In most cases, this means you get a glimpse of the preparation for your current life. Why did you choose to be born in this body, to this family, in this place and at this time? Why are you here in other words, what is it that you have set out to learn as a soul? You may also meet your soul family or soul mates, identify soul contracts, meet with elders and spirit guides and get a chance to ask questions about the here and now.


How I run my sessions has evolved over the last decade. I now like to focus the session on a specific objective set out by the client. This means we may visit more than one past life, or not go to a past life at all and use age regression instead. It also means we spend more time resolving issues in the here and now.


I only offer Between Lives Spiritual regression in person as it requires a deeper level of hypnosis than I normally use. It is also much longer, we need four to five hours to run a complete session (including breaks!). Ideally, I recommend booking a day retreat so that we do the past life regression in the morning and the spiritual regression in the afternoon, with plenty of time at the end to synthesise and process all that the session brought up to the surface.


In my experience, this is a session we get called to do. You find yourself reading this page and something resonates deep within you. If that moment has come, please get in touch and let’s set up a time to talk. It will be my pleasure to guide you on this spiritual and life enhancing journey.

Please know that I do offer a therapy programme that includes many elements of a Between Lives Spiritual regression session called the Life Journey and that it is available both in person and by video call. You can find out more here.

Sitting on Rock

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression is not fortune telling. It’s not about giving you a vision of the future in the way that clairvoyance might, though it does have some similarities.


It is a journey into the future, where you visualise different possible outcomes.


If you do nothing and continue as is, where you will be a year from now, or 5 years from now? How will you feel? How will you be within yourself?

If you take a specific decision, if you take some steps now or make some changes in your life, how will those future outcomes change?

Are there possibilities out there that you are not seeing? Are you being blinded to opportunities by limiting self-beliefs or other blockages such as fear or social pressure?

Are there things you could do today that are more likely to take you to where you want to be in the future?


That is what a Future Life Progression session does. It enables you to visualise those possible outcomes. It’s great for when you are facing some decisions or when you feel you lack direction in your life. It also works well as something to do on milestones like your birthday or the start of a new year. I also like it for the way it can give clarity on a relationship.

Tailored Therapy Programmes


It's the menopause!

A programme of sessions to help you navigate the menopause with more serenity.

Since each woman's experience of the menopause is different, each programme is tailored around your specific needs. Typical sessions include:

  • Using hypnosis to manage the physical and mental symptoms such as: mood swings, hot flushes, poor sleep, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, etc...

  • Putting your experience into words. Understanding what you are experiencing, feeling, thinking and doing.

  • Identifying and strengthening the resources within yourself that help you feel better.

  • Using regression techniques to gain insight into your life's journey and what this turning point means for you.

  • Reassessing relationships past, present and future.

  • Coming to terms with changes in your body and changes in your libido and sexuality.

  • Using future life progression to start to think about how you can use this new chapter in your life to thrive.

Sessions can be in person or by zoom.

One session every 2-3 weeks. Five sessions in total.

This programme can also be done as a one day retreat.

Package price of 555.- for the five sessions.

Sleeping Kitten

Rest and Reset

​I used to think that relaxation was 'just' relaxation, much in the way I hear people saying they are 'just' friends. How easily we belittle what is truly good for us! 

​Just as real friendship is vital for our well-being, so deep relaxation is vital for our mental and physical health. The more stressed or anxious you are, the more demanding your life may be, the more relaxation becomes vital to maintaining good health.​

But relaxation alone is not enough. That is why I have devised a powerful programme to reset the body and mind.

Rest and Reset!

A comprehensive programme to reset your body and mind

Do you hear yourself saying I’m so tired all the time? Do you feel exhausted and groggy when you wake up? Are you more and more forgetful, find it hard to concentrate and keep making easy mistakes? Do you sleep badly or poorly? Are your energy levels a shadow of what they once were?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this programme could be for you.

It’s about sleep. It’s about rest in all it forms. It’s about creating moments of deep relaxation. It is like pressing a reset button on your mental and physical well-being.

If poor sleep is your main concern, we can devote this programme entirely to getting your sleep up to standard. However, I strongly believe that a more holistic approach is needed, and the key word here is rest.

Rest is vital to our health. It is how we recharge our batteries and keep healthy. More importantly, the vast majority of the population do not get adequate rest and are consequently exhausted, irritable and making themselves ill.


Partly this is because the modern world is always on, overly sensory, anxiogenic and insecure. It is also because most of us don’t know how to rest.


In order to understand this more fully, think of how you use energy.

Using the battery analogy, imagine that you have different batteries that correspond in some way to your chakras or energy centres. Even if the terms chakra is meaningless for you, this analogy is still helpful. The idea is that everything you do draws energy from different parts of you.


Rest is how you recharge. Different kinds of rest recharge different batteries in your energy body.


So for example, sport will fill up your mental battery even though it is using up your physical battery.

Meditation or prayer will fill up your spiritual battery (crown chakra).

Putting words down on your feelings will refill your emotional battery (heart chakra).

Listening to inspiring music or admiring the beauty of breath-taking scenery will replenish your creative battery (sacral chakra).

If you don’t adequately recharge those batteries you end up being rest-deprived.


But what about sleep?

I am a great believer in the power of sleep.

I am also someone who has been blessed with the ability to sleep well.

And then I experienced poor sleep for the first time.

It was debilitating!

What I didn’t understand was that my poor sleep was linked to poor rest.


Please note that poor sleep and insomnia are not the same thing. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It is a clinical condition and needs to be treated as such.


If you are rest deprived, sleep alone will not fix it.

Moreover, if you are rest deprived, you are also unlikely to sleep well. Think of how overusing your mental energy keeps that wheel of thoughts spinning at night and keeps you from sleeping, or how the sensory overstimulation of too many screens will also have your mental screen spinning as you try to fall asleep. Or how being emotionally exhausted will have you going over conversations you’ve had or should have had over and over again in your mind.


And so on…


To remedy this, I have devised a tailored therapy programme.


The objective is to help you sleep better, feel less anxious, have more energy and be more emotionally balanced. It is a comprehensive physical and mental reset that will make a significant difference to your health and well-being.


How does it work?


1. We spend time identifying the kinds of rest you are lacking and the steps you can take to make effective changes in your day to day life.

2. We put in place those changes using hypnosis.

3. We work on the specific types of rest that you need.

4. We kickstart a process of emotional and physical healing.

5. We get your body to experience regular deep relaxation so that it can reset.


Sessions include:

  • Hypnotherapy to help you express your feelings and emotions

  • Regression to identify and release limiting beliefs

  • Visualisations to teach you to take your mind to beauty spots in nature

  • Guided meditations and breathing exercises

  • Energy healing to release emotional pain and lessen physical pain

  • Suggestions to help you sleep better

  • Exercises to help you set stronger boundaries

  • Sensory therapy using sound bowls and essential oils

  • Chakra clearing, cleansing and balancing

  • Sensory anchors to calm your mind

  • Deep hypnosis to fully relax your body and mind and press a ‘mental reset button’

The programme is in two modules of five sessions each. The first is to address the issues that are making you rest deprived. The second is a series of deep relaxation sessions using hypnosis to create a rest reset. Price for the full programme is 750.-

To find out more, let’s talk. Please book a free short video consultation. All you have to do is send me an email or a whatsapp message and we’ll fix a time!


The Life Journey

The Life Journey

A programme of five sessions to answer essential questions about who you are as a soul, where you are on your life’s journey and your connection to your soul group, in order to gain wisdom, peace and understanding.

I love this programme as it brings together many elements of Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Whereas I only offer spiritual regression in person, this programme is available by Zoom, as well as in person. It is not the same as a spiritual regression but it answers the same kinds of questions.

The first session is a double session. We spend time examining your life journey so far, pinning down key events and relationships, as well as self-beliefs and schemas. We put down questions you need answers to, areas where you need guidance or more clarity, and objectives you wish to set. It's a wonderful opportunity to refelect on your life so far and to start gaining insight and understanding of who you are at a deeper level.

What comes out in the first session will determine how we structure the remaining three sessions.

These will usually include a session focusing on your birth and your life plan, a session focusing on your soul family and your current relationships, and a session around the problems, issues and events that require resolution.

To find out more, please contact me and let’s fix a time for a short free video consultation.

Booking a Session


Single session: 140.-

Double session: 280.-

Package of 5 single sessions, valid 6 months: 555.-

Package of 5 relaxation sessions, valid 6 months: 300.-

Payment in Swiss Francs or Euros

To book your session please send me an email at or send me a message on whatsapp +41 77501 3526.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

+41 77 501 3526

Grand Rue 139,

2720 Tramelan


Get in Touch

Thanks for contacting me!

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