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The Life Journey

A programme of five sessions to answer essential questions about who you are as a soul, where you are on your life’s journey and your connection to your soul group, in order to gain wisdom, peace and understanding.

I love this programme as it brings together many elements of Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Whereas I only offer spiritual regression in person, this programme is available by Zoom, as well as in person. It is not the same as a spiritual regression but it answers the same kinds of questions.

The first session is a double session. We spend time examining your life journey so far, pinning down key events and relationships, as well as self-beliefs and schemas. We put down questions you need answers to, areas where you need guidance or more clarity, and objectives you wish to set. It's a wonderful opportunity to refelect on your life so far and to start gaining insight and understanding of who you are at a deeper level.

What comes out in the first session will determine how we structure the remaining three sessions.

These will usually include a session focusing on your birth and your life plan, a session focusing on your soul family and your current relationships, and a session around the problems, issues and events that require resolution.

To find out more, please contact me and let’s fix a time for a short free video consultation.

Tailored Therapy Programmes:
The Life Journey

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